Village of Cambridge, Wisconsin

Photo montage: butterfly, bicyclists on a trail, a father and daughter playing outside, and sunflowers

Cambridge's Rain Gardens in Bloom!

Cambridge's rain gardens are finally in full bloom! These sites used to be mowed grass areas - areas that were so wet they were difficult to mow. Rain gardens are a way reduce polluted runoff water by planting a specialized garden. Water is captured in a garden that features native plantings, which can include lovely blooming flowers such as these. Water then can slowly filter into the ground rather than run off into the storm sewer. Not to mention it reduces maintenance time spent by village crews.

These gardens were paid for through a Dane County grant and stormwater fees collected on your utility bills. The photos don't do the gardens justice - visit the rain gardens for yourself and watch the butterflies and dragon flies dance! Or plant your own garden.

Attached Document or FileLearn more about rain gardens Visit the DNR's rain gardens resource page to learn more about how you can create a rain garden on YOUR property!